Outdoor Living

SUMMER: as it approaches, our attention  is turned to designing our gardens, yards and outdoor spaces.  Create a calming outdoor haven for stylish relaxation and comfort with a mixture of fixtures, furnishings and accessories. When designing an outdoor space, ideally the focus should be on functionality. Find your style, whether modern or classical, or form your own eclectic look by incorporating symmetry between the two. A harmonious design will project the perfect balance of comfort, functionality, and style.

LIGHTING: set the mood and create an ambiance with the insertion of candles, lanterns, and outdoor chandeliers. Large-scale lanterns and candles, sought out for their versatility as they fit seemingly well with any décor, tend to give off a soft glow that is perfect for outdoor spaces. They can be stylishly arranged and displayed wherever a touch of light is needed. Inserted over your seating, lounging or gathering area, the incorporation of a chandelier will add a component of elegance, grandeur and formality to any outdoor décor. The dramatic lighting display will create an air of sophistication at any garden party and a sense of romance at a softly lit outdoor dinner.

ACCESSORIES: Give your outdoor space character and enrich it with a stylish array of planters and outdoor decorative pieces. Made from zinc and reclaimed wood, the beauty found in these planters, inspired by those seen throughout many 19th century European estate gardens is brought out by their antiqued look and vintage charm.

FIRE ELEMENT: Make your outdoor garden one that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. Fireplaces can help create a seamless leisure corner, as they are ideal for lounging-next-to on long summer nights and continuously through the fall and winter months, Placed as a group, as a focal point or a couple small touches of warmth spread out, this element can transform your yard into the perfect outdoor entertaining area.

FURNITURE: The options when choosing outdoor furnishings are vast, and picking the right pieces are fundamental in creating a functional and sophisticated space.  To avoid major deterioration and discoloration, your pieces should be able to withstand the element of heavy rain and harsh sun. Above are few examples of simplistic and modern furnishings that would work well in complimenting the outdoor elements, while providing a comfortable space for lounging and relaxation.